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Red 76. Home, Washington—an unincorporated township located on the Key Peninsula just across the water from Tacoma on the Puget Sound—was founded in the late 1800’s after three men built their own boat and set sail looking for a spot of land wherein they could establish a colony of people devoted to “the principles of Pure Anarchy and Free Love.” Home was a hotbed for varying sorts of anti-authoritarians for many decades, aggravating the god-fearing people of Tacoma to no end and landing a good number of “Homites” in jail. Red76 has often come back to the energetic and murky history of Home, Washington as a touchstone within its projects and lectures since members of the group came upon documentation of the colony’s existence while researching radical histories of the Cascade region for a project in 2007. Join members and associates of Red76 on a research trip to Home; identifying sites of history past, as well as the Key Peninsula Public Library and the mysterious seven black binders compiled by Sylvia Retheford, the granddaughter of one of the founders of the Colony, which are kept behind the check-out desk of the library.