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Ong Ong #5 zine

Lucy Morehouse and Scott Davis (editors). Silk-screened cover by Chris Ando. Two nesting booklets, 116 pages of art and non-fiction, a free CD of mostly private press LP rarities from the Ong Ong archives, interviews with Mississippi Records label person Eric Isaacson, record producer Scott Colburn, and musician-Dragon’s Eye Recordings runner Yann Novak. Also: Bunnies, friendship bracelets, field hippies, piles of textiles, Czech new wave, alternate realities, tree tops, Hotel art installation, advice, mental institutions, instrument selection, rings of history, people holding hands in a circle, pure purr energy, tree tops, lotuses, relationships, perception, floating skulls, tripped out line quality, Halley’s comet, fire damage, father figures, show reviews, AFCGT caricatured, snow, ladies with long hair carrying stars, Rumi... coalescence! 2009. Five available from a 450 print run. 7 x 8 1/2".