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Building Memory

Fawn Krieger. “Commission me to make a sculptural ‘portrait’ of a memorable building in your life, like a home you once lived in or shop you once worked at or a school you once attended. It could be outside or inside, from above or below, past, present, or future. Following a discussion we have together about your selected place, I will construct a sculpture intended to be somewhat like an abstract architectural model or fragment, shaped entirely from an exchange of memories and sensations.

“Designed to be something transitory, or mobile, my Building Memories are another way of thinking about how we store information, and the ways we use it to construct knowledge. These sculptures define memory within the tangible, concrete, material world, and offer an alternative to our digitized storage of previous- or prospective- moments in our lives.

“What I will need from you: Tell me about your chosen place—what colors do you see, what are the textures, patterns, materials? How do you feel in the space, and are you outside or inside? Are you alone or with others, and whom? Why is this an important place to you? Do you remember forgotten areas that others did not notice? How much time do you spend in this place, and what kind of time is it? Piecing together your memories, I will construct a physical approximation of your chosen place, defined through your memory as a sole document.”

Possible materials could include: Wood, plaster, carpeting, vinyl, plastic, paint, foam, paper, cardboard, rubber, fabric, tar, concrete, clay. You can request a freestanding sculpture, or one that hangs on a wall.

Small: handheld size $200
Medium: the size of a big cat $400
Large: like the size of a suitcase $600