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Veneer Drawings

Eileen Olivieri Torpey. Commission Eileen to make new work based on her veneer drawings. “I’d like to make a series of drawings for trees in the larger Santa Fe area. I will visit different trees and make a drawing on veneer (of all kinds from around the world) during my visit and then leave the drawing at the site, for the tree. I originally had envisioned adhering the veneer to the tree trunks, but I don’t want to hurt the trees. The drawings themselves are immediate in the sense that they are not pre-planned—instead, each drawing informs itself over time. In this series for Sea-Cat, I’d like to bring the koan Who Hears? into each piece. (Koans are stories, sayings and questions that are the basis of a practice of deep meditation, inquiry and engagement with life.) I will photograph the drawing and make a print to send you.” Each digital print will be 8 x 10", in an edition of 8.