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Inaugural Artist Grant awarded October 1st

We are happy to announce the recipient of the first Sea-Cat artist grant ...

** Sol Hashemi !! **

Sol was chosen by the Sea-Cat Advisory Board. This year, the board included Yoko Ott, Jessica Powers, Matthew Stadler and Michael Van Horn. We gave the board a list of criteria that felt valuable to us and to Sea-Cat’s mission, and it was up to them to determine who to award the grant to.

The grant was funded through the sale of the artwork in the Sea-Cat catalogs. For the past year, 25% of each sale has been put towards this grant. We are thrilled to be able to award Sol with $775.35.

Sol is an artist who lives in Seattle. His work includes finding and creating atmospheric conditions, sparkly things, disco lights, product photographs, and air plants. Find out more about him at:

About the award critera

Here are some criteria we were thinking about. We told the board that we were not necessarily looking for someone who fulfills all of these, but that this outline acts as a general list of our desires, and of what we’ve been imagining:

  • An artist in the Northwest
  • Someone for whom $600+ would make a difference
  • Someone who has not been able to work or realize a particular project because of economic hardship
  • Someone whose work is under-recognized or marginalized
  • Someone outside of our immediate circle of friends and colleagues
  • Someone whose work might embody Sea-Cat’s ideal of teaching, learning and asking questions about value and community

The Sea-Cat artist award is completely obligation-free and unrestricted for the artists who receives it. Thank you. This award is only made possible by you, and your support of Sea-Cat and the artists in your community.

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